Tenebrarum - Depths of the Ancient World

Status: In Progress;

Engine: RPG Maker VX;
Genre: RPG;
Development Time: -;
Developers: 3;
Music Format: OGG;
Language[P]: Ruby(RGSS2);
Language[S]: English

About the game.

In ancient times, when man could control the elements through the
almighty power of Alchemy… In this age, in which mankind had reached
the peak of their power, a powerful empire rose to take control over the land. This was the empire of Xiatang, known among the people of the land as the empire of Umbra, due to the fearsome arcane power they wielded.
Though they took control by force, the empire created order in the land, ridding it from the corruption of the old rule and protecting it.
Through their actions, the Xiatang empire earned the trust of the people. At that time it seemed as if their rule would remain unchallenged
for eternity, yet…

Gameplay video:

No videos out yet.