Ragefest V - Angel of Enragement

Status: Finished;

Engine: RPG Maker XP(FEXP);
Genre: SRPG;
Development Time: 3 Months;
Developers: 1;
Music Format: OGG;
Language[P]: Ruby(RGSS);
Language[S]: English

About the game.

This game is a direct sequel to the Ragefest IV – Angel of Darkness game. The story goes on about what happened after the events, the game’s plot has strong influence from the contest’s story about the Enragement ring.

After 3 months and one extra week extension the submission was made.

The submission is said to be the easiest and shortest that ever was made. I had aimed for it to be fast and sorta simple asI knew the contest will have about 20 submissions(we had 17 actually)
The story follows the events of Ragfest IV Angel of Darkness and the Ring story made in the contest rules.
More of the story will be revealed in 3rd Ragefest game which will have the overall conclusion of the events.
The download has been kindly provided by MarkyJoe1990 so download it and enjoy!

Gameplay video:

Download provided by MarkyJoe!
Visit: http://markyjoe.com/


Well, AoD and Aoe have a different “Feel” AoD is kinda slow, even with the part where The fighters(I think that’s what they were) swarm you with HeroSlayers. Kirby can solo everything after you get her. The Tom animation was great, after that If you felt like it you can finish off the remaining bosses with Kirby. AoE on the other hand, had an interesting first chapter, Having Hero guy return was great, but it got kinda eh when the warriors started to swarm you, sure you can put Hero guy to block them, but he’ll run out of Brave Sword uses eventually, and You’ll be forced to have him dodge tank. Chapter 2, the wall of generals was interesting when I first saw it, but watching the priests move got pretty old. Nice plot Twist of you dying tho Wolfram, It for me was certainly unexpected. The Forest title that caused Ren to appear was also pretty unexpected, at least for me as well. And the Final “Chapter” If you want to call it that, I have 4 Words for it. “Wolfram is back bitches”. – DragonKitsuneOfChaos