Ragefest IV - Angel of Darkness

Status: Finished;

Engine: RPG Maker XP(FEXP);
Genre: SRPG;
Development Time: 9 Months;
Developers: 6;
Music Format: OGG;
Language[P]: Ruby(RGSS);
Language[S]: English

About the game.

When I was working and gaining knowledge about FEXP, I wanted to create a game for learning purposes. The game was supposed to be made and just submited and see what happens, however the creator of Ragefest contest denied my submission and gave me 2 supporters to create a decent game. after 9 months of hard work, Angel of Darkness was made.

The game is set in game world, place where all betatesters but one and MarkyJoe1990 himself were swaped into the game. They have to defeat Lord Wolfram to break out of the game world and return to their respective places. Little do they know what they are about to deal with.

Submission got the Memes award which was given to the submission due to the jokes created by viewers who were witnessing the stream.

The response from the public was deviding and a lot of both positive and negative things were said about the submission which resulted into disapproval of the submission to be released to the general public. About a year later I changed my mind and gave green light for release of Ragfest IV Angel of Darkness Enjoy!

Gameplay video:

Download provided by MarkyJoe!
Visit: http://markyjoe.com/