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What is ReSaNa?

ReSaNa is a name from Sanskit. It means “Howl of the wolf”. The name is used as a mark of recognition about my team. Team ReSaNa are few people interested into making various interesting projects, and one of the projets is right here: The ReSaNa DOS.

The goal of the project

The goal of this project is to build a DOS like system prototype in Windows machine using the C language and then import it in an empty drive and run as an actual Operating system.


Programming work


Design work

Project lifetime (days)


Progress of the project

Update 1

Basic setup for the DOS system.
Seting up the base similar to
MS-DOS and testing the
possibilities of C language.

Update 2

Complete setup of base DOS and implementing of first tool: the calculator.

Update 3

Update on system part, Programmes now include the option to display the source code of the specific file.

Update 4

Basics of text editor, opening a file and explaining a peoblem that I must face.

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