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ReSaNa DOS 1.0v Released

Alrighty, well the project went on pretty well and has a good start, now I’ll share the source code and see if someone else can come up with some additions for the OS and we can together make a great project.
Download link:

A new Forum has been made

As people are coming to my website, they are interested to talk about the things I’ve made and show things they’ve made so we can build a better website. To be able to post a topic in Forum, just register, it shouldn’t take too much time, just enter the requited info, wait for email  to come and there you go, your user profile is made.

ReSaNa DOS Project opened


A new project called ReSaNa DOS is being created. Currently it’s a prototype OS designed to run in windows base. It’s written in low level language called C. You can see the project in C project page. In case you are interested about the progress of the project, check this post and see if for the latest news about ReSaNa DOS.