Golden Sun- Northen Clan Aid

Status: Finished;

Engine: Original Golden Sun ROM(Read Only Memory) file;
Genre: RPG;
Development Time: 4 Months;
Developers: 1;
Music Format: MIDI;
Language[P]: ASM (ARM 7 Processor);
Language[S]: English

About the game.

Back in 2013 I was playing quite a few RPG games and that way I was learning English.
Time went on and from one RPG I went to another and the game Golden Sun cought my eye.
Just as I was graduating from 8th grade, I learned about Golden sun Editor and took it for
messing with the game. Knowing the tragic end of the game I wanted to rewrite the story and
play the game as my favorite characters. I thought that someone had aready made such Mod,
fortunetly(unfortunetly at that time, I thought) there wasn’t such hack/Mod. Thus I had to take  the tools I have and
start making the game I wanted to play. Endless hours of learning how to organize myself and writing the script
of the changed game was fun, it did result into complete game crash a few times but in the end I made a hack.
I was proud of it because I made it. I did it myself and none helped me. Unless few members of golden sun community
with good and juicy information.

The game is written in poor English I had back in 2014 time when I learned it myself but didn’t communicate with people
 which was an important factor for me to master the language.

The game is set in the same universe as Golden sun original game. The main change was to make Isaac and Piers the villains and remove Jenna and Sheba from the story. Jenna was sent to Vale, by the idea of Menardi(Supposedly it was a deal between Felix and Saturos). Saturos became the leader of Isaac’s party convincing them that lighthouses must be lit. While rest of Proxian’s became the Felix’s team members.

Official forum post of me back in 2014 presenting the hack: