Fire Emblem - The Velvet Shadow

Status: Canceled;

Engine: RPG Maker XP (FEXP);
Genre: SRPG;
Development Time: 8 Months;
Developers: 7;
Music Format: OGG;
Language[P]: Ruby(RGSS);
Language[S]: English

About the game.

After I was introduced to Fire emblem games, I clearly had the interest to make a game, At first I thought to make a ROM hack just like Golden Sun game, however I found the process really confusing and went and searched for an engine, and there it was, FEXP.
Game’s idea was to create a war story and a personal story about a man who’s known as angel of Darkness.
Not much has remained from the development of the game, but few screenshots.
The project died due to the lack of support from the community back in the day when a huge misunderstanding happened and people wanted to know more about the project and make it as a publicly known project and once the knowledge was given, no support was gained and the project met it’s downfall.