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    Alright so the problems I’m facing mainly are my possibilities to store data in the .txt files for more than single use.
    I am still learning the language so any help would be appreciated.
    The source code will be uploaded pretty soon and it’ll be password protected so yeah.



    Hey there, Luna_Blade here.

    I tested some things in ReSaNa DOS.
    It works fine on Win10 after downloading a DLL.
    I encountered a few strange things:
    -after an anwser from the calculator comes a message saying incorrect input and after that the command prompt.
    -displaying source code of the Calc crashes ReSaNa DOS.
    -outcomes in the Calc are printed as a number with decimal point (5.0 instead of 5), you might want to ask the user if he wants to use Floats or Ints?
    -“please write your anwser correctly!” maybe you can change this to “Incorrect input, try again. (for help use the HELP command)”.

    But yeah it is a pretty neat project.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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