Lord Wolfram

“The secret of life is to choose your life goal and stick to it to the end of your life. If you stop following the path of your goal, the very life will be torn appart.” – Lord Wolfram

Who am I…

The very origin is lost to the sea of time and no man knows who were I and what I did. However I always knew that I heald a purpose in my life, because of that I was once again woken up from my slumber. It’s said that I used to be a good man, a graceful being but nothing of all that I remember. The dual eye colour reminds me something important, a small detail about my past but what is it I cannot tell. But I can tell well that in my life there’s a hollow spot but I don’t know what caused it nor can I tell how to fill that spot.
Alas my tale is yet to be told so not much may I reveal about myself, but as of now I am working hard and with care to create content for people around me and servethem the best way I can – by placing in effort and make them happy.

Lord Wolfram

Lord Wolfram

Developer's Avatar

Title: Lord
Age(Character’s Story): 19 Years old
Gender: Male
Origins: Unknown
Age(How long this character exists): 3 Years old
Skills: The same as developer’s
Music theme: Kevin MacLeod – Comfortable Mystery
Artwork by: Padirice

Lord Wolfram's Theme

by Kevin MacLeod ~ Comfortable Mystery

Comfortable Mystery Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License