Programming and Making games is what I love to do!!

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Programming Game Engines

Using tools to make games is one thing. But making a game in pure languages is another, you’re given a huge scope and freedom, which I use almost everyday to develop games.


Developing Video Games

Since the age of 15 I started to develop mini games, which mostly were fan games or ROM hacks. However nowadays my plans are rising and I use my free time to make an indie game.

Creating Interesting Websites

I always think of a website as of a castle. You must keep it clean and beautiful so people would always want to come and enjoy the grace of the beautiful castle.

Developing Web Apps

A castle without functionality is no castle, therefore I am making apps to make the castle look more interesting. For the moment most of the webapps I am creating are small games.

I love music!

I’ve made a Youtube Playlist with all my favorite songs within. Enjoy them just as much as I do in yout everyday tasks.

Chances of what I am doing when I listen to the music.

  • I am doing my homework  40% 40%
  • Reading a book 15% 15%
  • Programming  85% 85%
  • Talking with a friend  30% 30%
  • Learn a new language (In times when I might want to study Japanese) 10% 10%
  • Do Nothing  (When I do nothing I listen to the music so none can say I do nothing all day) 100% 100%
Roman History

Roman Empire is the model of western civilisation, one of greatest know to the man. It’s important to know about it’s Rise and Fall.

Industrial revolution

One of greatest events that helped the people come out of the darkness caused by Church and gave the knowledge for every man out there. You must know what this Industrial revolution is as it made the world to a place we know today.

30 Year War

Power Religion and Monarchy. If you think about it then you would say that these three things an make an Utopia over the land. However Religion always had the urge to gain the power and a religious power can cause massive destruaction. This we can see in Thirty Years’ War.

History of computer science

Computers are the most advanced and newest tehnologies ever created by a man. And during this short life period we can see that the first tehnology looks like 500 years old but actually they are not even 100 years old… but you must not forget about where it all started.

What I do in my free time.

During my free time I either play a video game or study something interesting about history. If you know the past you can learn from it and once you have learned what mistakes our ancsestors made you can control your future and make sure that you don’t repeat the history.


A classic sidescrolling 2D game, which turned out into a greater game with deep backstory, a proof of the fight of the good and evil.

Dragon Warrior

An amazing adventure through the land, fight monsters and do interesting quests. A great game that tought me English language.

Supremacy/ Overlord

A great game that teaches strategic mind and patience as that’s what the life’s also about.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a strategy series that I have come to admire, it has an interesting chronology about history and war. It has taught me a plethora of information about tactics and patience, it is a series that is much loved by many and myself.

Let me know if you need me.

If you are interested to own a castle yourself then let me know and I’ll help you build one like mine.